All State

2019 ALL STATE INformation

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All State Tracks are HERE!!!!

Go to
Password is choir

Let Mrs. Ramos know if you find errors! It took 3 hours to load them!

These should be your best friends for the next few months!

Ways to get ahead:
1. Listen to the mix down of the songs
2. Listen to your voice part
3. Listen to the piano part and follow along with your part!

Consol Choir students competed against over 500 other choir students on Saturday, September 30, 2019.

18 students secured spots in the Region 8 9-12 Choir. 12 students advance to the next round of auditions and learn new music.

The next round of auditions will be November 2. 

Soprano 1

10th Libby Scott -adv

16th Aubrey Stuart

24th Ashtyn Vollentine 


Soprano 2

10th Lauren Moore - adv

17th Sarah Barrow

21st Claire Grace Franklin


Alto 2

3rd Emma Barrow - adv

4th Christina Williams - adv

5th Hattie Munoz - adv

9th Gretchen Barrow - adv

13th Eren Akleman - adv

15th Grace Barrow - adv

19th Tanya Nguyen


Tenor 1

4th Silas Merrell - adv

6th Toni West - adv


Bass 1

10th Lucas Booth - adv


Bass 2 

11th Carson Seiber - adv

19th Liam Abney

Ashton Jasperson -alternate